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This is your first step in your aviation career, handling light aircraft.


This entitles you to fly commercially, taking control of bigger aircraft.


The highest level of commercial aircraft pilot certification.


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Private Pilots License (PPL)


What is a Private Pilots License?

The Private Pilots license is the first level to attain before you will be able to pilot an aircraft with passengers but without being paid for it. It is for the most part for the private individual to fly for enjoyment and for the aspiring Commercial Pilot, the chance to build hours. The training program teaches the basic and most important principles and actions to power an aircraft into the sky and return it safely to the ground.


In the Private Pilot License course you, as the student, will be taught the principles of flight and the fundamentals of aircraft maneuvering from the moment of engine start up through the take-off and back down to the landing and ultimately to the engine shut down. Your instructor will guide you through all of the 19 practical exercises to become a proficient Private Pilot. You will also, after attaining the required Student Pilot License, be piloting the aircraft yourself into the sky to perform Solo circuits and cross country navigations.

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Where are we based?

Our Training Academy is based at Rand Airport on the South Eastern side of the Johannesburg CBD.  Rand Airport has four runways that provide for little delay in taxing and getting airborne.  Rand also has a control tower that provides the students with a professional and educational environment so they will be able to feel confident when they start to fly cross country’s to other airports that have control towers. Rand is also located close to the Control area of O.R. Thambo International airport and is within visible distance of the large commercial traffic passing close to Rand airports ATZ.


The General Flying Area, where the students learn the most of their flying experience, is less than twenty minutes from Rand.  Our ground facilities include a large lecture room which is able to seat more than ten students per lecture and a ground briefing and pre-flight area that provides the students a place to relax and revise before getting airborne.

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What are the requirements?

In order to qualify for the South African Private Pilots Licence, you will need to be at least 17 years of age, a holder of a valid Student Pilots Licence and a holder of a class one or two medical certificate. A practical flight test needs to be conducted by a grade two flying instructor. The following are the MINIMUM requirements before undertaking the practical flight test:

  • Must be at least 17 years of age
  • Hold a class 1 or 2 medical certificate
  • Hold a restricted or general radiotelephony certificate
  • Hold a valid Student Pilot License
  • Hold an ICAO language proficiency certificate (min. level 4)
  • 45 hours total flight time by the end of the course, the 45 hours must include:
    ≥ 25 dual hours with an instructor
    ≥ 15 solo hours as PIC
    ≥ 5 hours cross country PIC

Exams that you must pass:

  • Air Law
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Principles of Flight
  • Human Performance
  • Flight planning
  • Aircraft Technical & General
  • Radiotelephony

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What is the cost?


25 Dual hours on PA28-161 @ R3490.00 per hour - Training

15 Solo hours on PA28-161 @ R3090.00 per hour - Training

= R  87,250.00

= R  46,350.00




15 Hours @ R550 (minimum by law) - Briefing

3 Dual hours on PA28-161 @ R3490 - Flight Test

2 Hours @ R550 – Ground Evaluation / Test

PPL Kit including all PPL notes (without Headsets)

Exams (7 x R220) with Radio exam (R550)


Grand Total for PPL Course

= R     8,250.00

= R   10,470.00

= R     1,100.00

= R     7,601.50

= R     2,090.00


= R163,111.50


Additional costs (payable directly to the service provider)

English proficiency exam

Medical Class II

Restricted radio license

CAA fees (SPL and PPL)

PPL ground lectures (if required)

Pilot excess insurance - Annual


= R        800.00

= R     2,000.00

= R        800.00

= R        990.00

= R   10,050.00

= R     2,850.00


Terms: Due to practical consideration such as; weather, aircraft availability and serviceability, instructor availability and the progress of individual students, completion of any particular course may require more time and funding than specified in this quotation.  The company reserves the right to terminate or suspend the flight training of any student at any time and will in such case, refund the student all funds in credit in that students account.  Flight training shall not be conducted whilst in the possession of any weapons.


Please be advised this is only an estimated cost based on the MINIMUM requirements and that the total cost shall be based on student performance.