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This is your first step in your aviation career, handling light aircraft.


This entitles you to fly commercially, taking control of bigger aircraft.


The highest level of commercial aircraft pilot certification.


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Night Rating


What is a Night Rating License?

A Night Rating affords the competent Private Pilot the chance to conduct operations at night. It effectively increases the versatility and skill of the pilot as flying at night requires comprehensive judgment to conduct a flight safely and effectively. It is a requirement for the aspiring Commercial Pilot to have a Night Rating and it’s also the practical second step to take towards their Commercial License.


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What are the requirements?

  • Must hold a valid Student Pilot License on an integrated course or hold a valid Private Pilot License
  • Must have 5 hours of theoretical training
  • Must have 10 hours dual instrument flight instruction (5 hours may have been completed in an approved FSTD)
  • Must have completed 5 take-offs and landings by night
  • Night cross country of at least 150nm and including two full stop landings at different aerodromes

Exams you must pass:

  • Night Rating

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What are the costs?


5 Dual Instrument hours on PA28-161@ R2890.00 per hour (actual 6.5 hours)

5 Dual Instrument hours on FSTD @ R1250.00 per hour

3.5 Dual hours night cross country flying on PA28-161 @ R2890.00 per hour

= R 14,450.00

= R   6,250.00

= R 10,115.00




1.5 Dual hours on PA28-161@ R2890.00

5 briefings @ R550.00 per briefing


Grand Total for Night Rating


= R   4,335.00

= R   2,750.00


= R37,900.00


Additonal costs

CAA fees



= R      300.00

= R      550.00


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Break-down of the exercises for Night Rating course:





Intro to instruments
Reference of visual to instrument indications
Basic altitudes & changes
Human performance – false senses




Instrument checks during taxing
Straight and level at various speeds
Climbing and descending
Level turns at 30 deg.



Basic departure and clearance
Level turns onto specific headings
Climbing and descending turns
Steep turns
Intro into timed turns



Timed turns
Timed climb’s and descents
Intro to stalling



Instrument take-off
Timed turns       
Unusual altitudes
Simulated radar vectoring to final



Limited panel
Turns on the compass
Timed turns
Unusual attitudes



Recap limited panel
Incipient spin
Combined climb, descend and timed turns



Simulated patterns
Intro to QDM’s & QDR’s



QDM’s & QDR’s
Intro into VOR Radials



Navigation at night

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Terms: Due to practical consideration such as; weather, aircraft availability and serviceability, instructor availability and the progress of individual students, completion of any particular course may require more time and funding than specified in this quotation. The company reserves the right to terminate or suspend the flight training of any student at any time and will in such case, refund the student all funds in credit in that students account. Prices are subject to change at any time due to fluctuating fuel and other related costs. Flight training shall not be conducted whilst in possession of any weapons.


Please be advised this is only an estimated cost based on the MINIMUM requirements and that the total cost shall be based on student performance.