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Learn to fly



This is your first step in your aviation career, handling light aircraft.


This entitles you to fly commercially, taking control of bigger aircraft.


The highest level of commercial aircraft pilot certification.


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What's first?

To start a journey of a thousand steps you will need to take the first one and on the aviation ladder; your first step is the Private Pilots Licence.

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Flight Training

U-Fly Training Academy was established in 2007 as a Flight Training Facility that could provide aspiring pilots their chance to fulfill their aviation aspirations through the school’s low cost but comprehensive flight training program. 


We fly the sleek and modern Piper Warrior and Piper Archer aircraft with full IF capability.  These aircraft are both, comfortable platforms for students to learn the basic maneuvers associated with powered flight as well as great aircraft for advanced training and hour building.


In addition to the Private Pilot License, U-Fly also provides training for students seeking to begin their Night Rating, Instrument Flight Rating, Commercial Pilots License, Initial Multi Engine rating and ground courses in Radio Telephony, Crew Resource Management and Air Law.


We cater for both International and Domestic students and have been highly successful in our training of International students right up to their Commercial level.